Business Stationery and Social Media – How To Mix Two Best Marketing Tools

Business stationery and social media, both are among the most significant marketing tools nowadays. In modern competitive business environment, both are equally important for advertising and marketing of products and services. They contribute significantly in brand building for all small, medium, and large organizations. Blending both these exclusive and most effective marketing weapons together can deliver unexpectedly positive results.

Using Social Media Identities on Business Stationery

Social media identities are very important for every individual as well as organizations. It decides the online reputation of the brand or person representing the brand. Therefore, while designing business stationery, it should be given proper importance. Like email addresses, social profiles (Facebook Page URL, Twitter Handle, or Corporate Blog) can be an excellent and easy way of direct contact for existing and potential customers. That means, leaving such vital piece of information while designing your business cards, letterhead or product brochures is not a good idea. It might result in loss of potential customers that could come from social media impact.

To avoid loss of potential business possible through social media influence using business stationery, intelligent business owners give proper space to their online identities. Corporate branding experts suggest that, providing URL of corporate blog on company’s letterhead is an ideal way of offering more information to your customers or business associates. They also advice top management people to put URL of social profiles (Facebook Page, Twitter handle, or LinkedIn Profile URL) on their business cards.

Benefits of Social Media and Business Stationery Integration

For startups or budding entrepreneurs, this integration can do wonders. As an entrepreneur, you need to leave emphatic impact on people you meet in everyday business meets or any of formal or informal gatherings. Socializing with others is an important strategy of PR building and management. Nobody can ignore the importance of social business networking in PR development. Therefore, if your LinkedIn URL is printed on your business cards, it will provide detailed information of your professional past and people can get to know your achievements and acclamation in best possible manner.

However, the benefits of social media and business stationery integration are not limited to startups and budding entrepreneurs only. It has potential to multiply the benefits of any promotion campaign for any size of businesses or organizations.

Integration of social media and business stationery is very important for targeted marketing campaigns. If an organization is promoting a recently introduced product or service, it is must for them to include the URL of micro website, Facebook Page, or blogs on product brochures. It seems very common thing, but the results delivered by such minor changes are never minor. It can significantly transform the overall results of campaigns.